Watkins Sawmill Tapersawn Cedar Shakes

A Certi-Sawn red cedar shake is sawn both faces but is thicker than a shingle. The added thickness enables it to be applied as a shake (2 ply with paper/felt interlay) resulting in lower application costs. Many architects like the more defined shadowline of the heavier butt and yet still get the cleaner look of a sawn product.

100% edge grain. Nominal lengths 18″ and 24″ shakes shall be of random widths, minimum width shall be 3 ½”. Thickness shall be nominal 5/8″ or ¾” with a minus tolerance of 1/16″ in 10% of the bundle.

Roof Exposure: 10″ for 24-inch shake; 7½” for 18-inch shake. Interlaid felt is required.

Wall Exposure: Single course: 10½” for 24-inch shake; 8 ” for 18-inch shake

Recommended Use: For walls or roofs on 4:12 slope and steeper where a high quality, durable and uniform appearance is desired.

Nominal lengths 18″ and 24″, minimum width shall be 3″, shakes less than 4″ width shall not constitute more than 10% of the running inches of each bundle. Thickness shall be nominal 5/8″ or ¾”: with a minus tolerance of 1/16″ in 10% of the bundle. Limited defects are allowed 9″ above the butt in 18″ shakes and 12″ above the butt in 24″ shakes. Unlimited flat grain is allowed. Sapwood is restricted to 1″ in width for the first 10 inches.

Alaskan Cedar Tapersawns are an extremely durable product that turns a natural silvery gray once weathered.
Same installation as a #1 Red Cedar tapersawn
Available in 18″ or 24″ lengths and either 5/8″ or 3/4″ butt thickness.


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