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Questions? Call the RDI Help Hotline at 1-877-420-RAIL (7245) or Live Chat

Satin black, lightly textured finish won’t show scratches, dirt and hand prints like gloss black.

Mounting brackets are welded to the post in the factory then post is powder-coated.

Welded brackets are stronger than brackets that are screwed on.

Faster installation. Time is money and this will save the installer a ton of both!

No layout or measuring for bracket placement, we already did it.

All Metal Works posts are 13 gauge steel, galvanized inside and out then powder-coated.

Posts with pre-mounted brackets are available with a 2″ or a 4″ bottom space. Posts are available for installations requiring a minimum of 36″ or 42″ rail height

Two piece post base trim in included; just snap it together – no screws or glue needed.

Stair and level angle installations have never been more simple or elegant.

Cast aluminum, powder-coated, two piece bracket adjusts to all stair and most level angles.

No ugly exposed hinges or fasteners connecting the bracket to the post. No time consuming attachment of hinges to the mounting bracket.

Our wall bracket allows attachment to any wall or existing post.

All attachment fasteners are concealed from view. Snap the matching cover over the bracket for a clean, finished look. Elegant appearance adds to the overall impression of product quality.

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Questions? Call the RDI Help Hotline at 1-877-420-RAIL (7245) or Live Chat

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