Outback Red Meranti Decking

The ultimate real dark Red Meranti decking sealed for protection against the sun and moisture.

Nothing can match the look and feel of a real wood deck. And nothing can match the built-in protection from the elements that Outback Decking provides. Outback Decking starts with kiln dried Red Meranti which is one of the most beautiful, durable and decay-resistant species of wood in the world. Outback Deck sealer is then uniformly machine applied to all sides and edges of the decking under ideal temperature and humidity conditions in a controlled factory environment.

Outback Decking starts with Red Meranti, one of the most decay-resistant species in the world.

Durable, Outback Deck sealer is machine applied to all sides and edges of the decking under ideal temperature and humidity conditions in a controlled environment.

The result is a premium wood decking sealed for maximum protection against the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and moisture infiltration.

Available in 1″x 4″, 5/4″x 4″ or 5/4″x 6″ eased-edge or tongue and groove. Carefully protected in 4 piece bundles and master-packaged in 1,000 bd.ft. units.

On the job, Outback Decking should be loosely covered, out of direct sun light and be allowed to properly acclimate to the installation environment.

Always obtain a building permit prior to starting work.

Plan for complete air exchange under and around the deck surface by allowing at least 18” unobstructed air space for proper air flow.
Outback Decking should be installed on solid joists covered with joist tape and spaced a maximum of 16″ on-center when the boards are running perpendicular to the support joists.

Always use sharp carbide-tipped saw/router blades and wood drill bits.

Seal all end and rip cuts prior to installation with penetrating oil formulated for exotic hardwoods in order to help reduce possible checking and splitting.

Pre-drilling with a sharp self-stopping countersinking drill bit is essential for the ideal installation of Outback Decking. Use proper side to side spacing which is 3/16″ for 4″ material and 1/4″ for 6″ material. After making the proper spacing, be certain to set the stainless steel screw flush with the deck board surface. Properly screwing down Outback is the recommended installation method and hidden fastener use is not advised.

Use high-end stainless steel deck screws which penetrate the joists by 1 1/2”. Avoid the use of hidden fasteners.

Outback Decking does not require a sealer and will weather to a beautiful silver-gray over time if left uncoated. If finishing is desired to accent the natural beauty of Outback, it is advisable to apply a high quality, lightly pigmented, UV inhibitor penetrating oil formulated for premium exotic hardwood decking.

Periodic washing with a soft bristle brush using a mild deck cleaning detergent and clean water is necessary to remove surface dirt, which accumulates on the exposed deck surface. This will help prevent the buildup of pollen and debris that can cause mold and mildew growth.

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