KOMA Decorative PVC Trim Molding

Offer your customers long-lasting decorative trim moldings, without sacrificing beauty – the KOMA Collection of PVC-extruded moldings.

Designed to complement KOMA’s exterior trim products, the KOMA Collection of decorative PVC molding is beautiful, flexible, paintable, and versatile. KOMA PVC molding (sometimes called plastic trim molding), captures the natural look of wood, however, because they’re extruded from cellular PVC, rather than machined from wood, or wood composites, KOMA PVC molding trim is much easier to maintain. KOMA PVC moulding also ensures greater uniformity, and unmatched durability.

Extruded (not machined) using the finest exterior grade cellular PVC material

Minimal maintenance

Long-lasting beauty

Not affected by rain, salt or insects

Fastens and installs like wood

Easy to cut, drill, rout, glue, nail or staple using common woodworking tools


Ready to install, which saves time and labor

No painting necessary (though they can be painted)

Resistant to mold and mildew

Compliments any building design

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